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See talent: Talented Nigerian kids show off musical skills, perform like pro fuji band in viral .



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Two talented Nigerian kids have gained the admiration of many with their fuji music display in a . circulating the internet.

The kids performed confidently like pro fuji artistes as they put up a show without a visible adult supervision.


Entertaining a few other kids captured in the trending ., the lead vocalist dressed in an Ankara dictating vocals while a small framed boy stands behind with a microphone providing backup.

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Asides from providing vocal harmony with the lead vocalist, the backup singer also creatively slots in improvisations in the style of a modern-day hypeman and did it skillfully.

A non-singing member of the band is also seen hanging around with a bag keeping money.


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♬ original sound – Akodex Milly 1


Nigerian kid learning to sew shows off skills

In related news, a beautiful little girl learning to become a tailor wowed netizens after she displayed her talent in a viral ..


In the . posted by @adamahpeniella1, the little girl was busy on a material, and the way she went about sewing the fabric announced her as a well-trained professional with years of experience.

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She placed the dress neatly and ran the thread down the fabric neatly and skillfully without any fear of making a mistake. What stunned netizens the most was that the dress she was making was for an adult and many people affirmed they would be comfortable giving her their clothes to make.

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