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Simi: Male, female children should be raised with same standards



Award-winning Nigerian singer Simi has advised parents to raise their male and female children with the same standards.


The mother of one took to her Instagram stories on Friday to give her two cents on how difference in parenting affects both men and women in the society.

“Many of our parents raised our girls and raise themselves. If their boys fumble they say ‘boys will be boys’, if their girls fumble they say she is wayward or not raised right. Hence, more effort is put into raising girls,” she wrote.


The Duduke crooner opined that while women were taught to be good wives and mothers, men were taught to make money. This way, she noted, made women carry the pressure of “making good decisions” while “men are able to make choices and mistakes because society will always excuse them.”

She then advised that women should be taught to also “take risks and prioritise themselves”.


Expressing optimism in the new generation, she noted how the tide is changing as more women are breaking societal expectations.

The vocalist further advised that men should be taught how to respect the way they want to be respected “but should be allowed to be vulnerable” because “many men are suffering and dying inside for the permission to cry.”


Stating that her post was not aimed at attacking anyone, she encouraged that both “boys and girls should be raised with same (good) standards.”

“Raise your boys well, teach them to be good people. Raise your girls well, teach them to be strong and more,” she wrote.


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