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Simple Yet Fashionable Civil Wedding Dresses For Brides To Be 



Weddings are special occasions, and every woman wants to appear her best, so they search for the ideal outfit that compliments them. Unlike traditional and white weddings, court weddings are done without any religious backing.


It’s also known as a civil marriage, it meets the legal requirements of the state or location of the wedding.

One of the most important aspects of a court wedding, as with all others, is your attire, which should reflect your personal style.


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Wedding dresses are so very personal and a bride should wear whatever she wants. But a few tips could help with your decision.


Thinking about the setting of a courthouse, a good rule to follow is keeping the length of your outfit a little bit shorter.

You won’t want to drag a train through a courthouse where a lot of people pass through.


Brides usually prefer to wear a plain white dress on their wedding as it is the perfect color that represents femininity, virginity, peace, goodness, and innocence.

The court wedding is equally the same as any other normal wedding with the difference that not many people are involved and the couple wants to keep it hidden for a certain period of time.


When considering the style of dress to go for always remember your comfort is very important. When you are comfortable in your outfit, you can easily rock it with confidence.

Basically, you can’t go wrong if you feel great in your dress. White is the most popular wedding dress color and there are several styles to choose from.


It’s nothing new that court weddings are becoming the norm in Nigeria as it is an important requirement for any intending couple.

So if you are planning your court wedding soon, here are lovely white court styles to inspire your look.


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