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Skit Maker Kie Kie Receives Royal Welcome As She Storms Bowen University, Gets New Appointment (Photos And Video)



Skit Maker Kie Kie receives royal welcome as she storms Bowen University, gets new appointment (Photos and Video)

In a return visit to Bowen University, Nigerian comedian, content creator, and actress Bukunmi Adeaga – Ilori, as Kie Kie, was given a royal welcome.


Bowen University’s next Brand Ambassador will be this comedian.

Kie Kie celebrated her new accomplishment by posting a photo to Instagram.


There were no words to express her joy and gratitude as she described how the school was at a standstill.

For her, it felt like a dream had come true, and she couldn’t believe it.


A true and strong affection was shown to Kie Kie, according to Kie Kie.

“I went back to my Alma mater, but this time as the Brand Ambassador of the great institution; BOWEN UNIVERSITY! This honor is both and mind blowing and rewarding. The entire school was on stand still to welcome me and I just couldn’t believe it. The love was real and intense, I felt it to my borne marrows! What an honor to be celebrated in this manner!


It was such a great experience chatting with the students from various departments, seeing how much development my great school as undergone, I mean BOWEN university now has Smart hostels, a Law college, Medicine College and my department of Specialization, Communication Arts! Naaaa! I’m more than impressed with what the management and staff of Bowen University have done to continually ensure that this great institution remains a top notch learning Center without leaving out

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