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Spirituality Turn Scum – Dr Cherry Reacts To MC Galaxy’s Claims Of Wanting A Christian To Date



Ultimate star’s Dr Cherry has reacted to claims of MC Galaxy wanting a lady who can teach him the gospel to date saying spirituality has now turned into a scum that everyone jokes with.

MC Galaxy in a post said he wants a lady who can teach him the gospel to date and she might even be his wife because he just realized that waking up every day with all the money he has is nothing to knowing the scriptures and having God in his life.


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But Dr Cherry thinks MC Galaxy’s sudden change has to do with the way his musical career is going down and wants to divert to the gospel just to stay relevant hence want to use the said lady for his personal gains.


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According to her, when the career of these circular artists starts fading, they turn to the gospel and that has made spirituality turn into scum and now MC Galaxy is also joining the group of circular people turning into gospel musicians.

Whether MC Galaxy’s claims of being a changed person and wants someone who can teach him the gospel to have God in his life because he has realized all his money can’t be compared to knowing the scriptures and having God in his life is true or not, only time will tell.


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