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Style Inspirations for a Yoruba Bride-to-be (photos)



One of the glamorous style-studded occasions you can ever attend in Nigeria is that of the occasion organised by celebrants from the Southwest (Yoruba).


I might be right to say that they have one of the most richest traditional attires in the country when it comes to wedding.

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We all love to attend weddings, especially weddings of loved ones, we would go to the traditional wedding and the church wedding, we are always happy to see the bride in her beautiful traditional attire, there are different traditions, which means there are different traditional attires, but today I am going to focus on the Yoruba traditional attire.

There are many stunning Yoruba brides, and we admit we all love the Yoruba traditional attire, and we would love to see more Yoruba brides dressed up in the traditional attire without leaving out the Gele to match it with a clutch bag and a pair of shoe.


Do you have an upcoming wedding? And you happen to be a Yoruba bride to be, here are amazing concept and styles you can use for your traditional wedding that will leave your guests speechless.

Are you a guest in an upcoming Yourba traditional wedding? Here is a glimpse of what the lovely bride might look like.


Anyway we all admit to the fact that they all look lovely in their traditional attire, the show of different color combinations and many more just make it spectacular, well here are lovely Yoruba brides in their traditional attire.

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