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The majority of “made” women on Instagram who claim to have risen to the top without the help of a sugar daddy are lying, according to DJ BigN.




Nonso Temisan Ajufo, better known as DJ BigN, a Nigerian Disc Jockey, has counseled women with honest enterprises not to be bullied by “self-made” women on social media.


According to DJ BigN, the bulk of these women are not self-made as they say and are dependent on sugar daddies for financial support.

He stated that he doesn’t mind how they make money, but he despises it when they ascribe their achievement to hard effort, making legitimately industrious women feel inadequate.


Taking to his Instagram page on Saturday, May 28, he wrote,

“Dear Queens.
Don’t let any “made” woman on IG make you feel you ain’t working. I repeat “most” of them who beat their chest that they made it to the top without the help or sponsoring of a sugar daddy is pure BS. I happen to know most of their benefactors (I don’t have a problem with how they make their money)… I have a problem when they come and preach to the genuine hard working females about hard work… if we gonna talk about the work, let’s be specific.
Stop misleading these young queens.
To all the queens who are steady grinding out there. Trust the process. It’ll all end in success. Peace.”



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