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‘The Success Of Your Marriage Has A Lot To Do With Your Knowledge On Marriage’



Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli has stated that the success of one’s marriage has a lot to do with his or her knowledge of marriage.

The renowned relationship coach made this known in a recent post he made on his official social media handle on the popular social media platform, Facebook.


The post he made reads;

“It’s time we accepted the truth that, the success of your marriage has a lot to do with your knowledge on marriage. Unfortunately, people get married out of fear and lack of knowledge. We have lots of dysfunctional men and women in marriages. We have lots of dysfunctional heads in marriages. The men who are supposed to love and lead their wives are the ones causing them so much pain and forcing them to live in such hell. How do you expect an angel to live in hell? How do you expect her to submit to you when you cannot love her? A man who loves his woman cannot stand to see her hurt not to talking of harming or killing her. A man who loves his woman won’t spend time thinking and lusting after other women. A man who loves his woman can give her everything including laying down his life and not taking her life. A man who loves a woman makes her his best friend and cannot turn his back on her.”




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