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There were no such teachers in our time – Teacher dances with her students, shows off cool waist moves in viral .



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A . of two students and their teacher dancing to a song has taken flight online and aroused the attention of netizens.

The . which was shared by @jay_vinny_23 on Twitter showed two students who were having an exhilarating time as they danced with their teacher and choreographed to a catchy song in the school corridor.


The choreography was clearly rehearsed and the trio danced in unison, showing off complex and entertaining moves. The tweet was full of good vibes as netizens were surprised at how jovial and cool teachers had become in recent years.

. of teacher and students dancing goes viral

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The . caused social media users to comment positively and they equally wondered about their own times in school.

@lungi_swa commented: “Love it…young social workers need to also start making such trends with their clients. I don’t know how the council will take it though .” 


@KingBishop1st reacted: “New era of teachers .” 

@jah_vinny_23 commented: “Lol in our times there were no such teachers.”


@Rolling_LALA replied: “I have a question is this a school teacher because in my days we never had them like this.” 

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Netizens Hail Teacher As She Dances With Students On Assembly Ground

Meanwhile, a teacher stunned social media users after a . of her dancing with her students was shared on TikTok.

In the ., the beautiful female teacher adorned with a giddy attitude was seen showing off her dance moves with her students. The students all smiled as they danced around their teacher.


The . generated many positive reactions as netizens lauded the teacher for her down-to-earth attitude, while others were curious about the name and location of the school.


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