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Tiktoker Kelly Bhadie Nude Video Surface Online Download And Watch



Tiktoker Kelly Bhadie Nude Video surface Online Download And Watch

Kelly Bhadie, a famous 18-year-old Togolese tiktoker who went viral in May with her twerking video and left many wondering who is kelly bhadie and why she became an overnight internet sensation, has been blackmailed after her alleged sextape, surfaced online this morning.


After coming to limelight, Kelly Bhadie has been impersonated by numerous people on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Even without meeting many people, they had to beef her after the tik-toker came into Limelight.


Many people shared her story, and her alleged sex tape started a new trend.

Nigerians, especially the male folks can’t stop drooling over the dark-skinned and curvy TikTok star, Bhadie Kelly whose videos appear to be mindblowing to them.


The Togolese lady who is currently receiving immeasurable accolades and encomium from Nigerian men is known for her short TikTok twerk videos while donning skimpy and body-hugging outfits that put her curves on display.

However, Kelly bhadie has come out to debunk this alleged sextape of her stating clearing that she isn’t the one in the viral video.


She stressed that she has no idea who the girl in the video was. On the other hand she bashed people who are spreading the false rumors, for not using their brains to analyze the video well, to see that it was not her.

Tiktoker Kelly Bhadie Nude Video surface Online Download And Watch 2

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