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Toyin Lawani slams Caroline, calling her a “shameless goat” for sleeping with her ex-husband and ruining her marriage. – Suga News



Toyin Lawani, a well-known fashionista and celebrity designer, has accused Caroline Hutchings of sleeping with her ex-husband.


The two have been exchanging insults on Twitter for a long time, with Toyin Lawani asserting that the actress had slept with her husband, Aremo.

Caroline damaged her marriage, causing her and her daughter to be evicted from their home, according to Aremo, the star designer who had a child with her ex-husband.


Lawani described the actress as a habitual liar who would look someone in the eyes and still lie, spilling that she had introduced her to a buddy who she still slept with and nearly ruined his marriage if the man hadn’t fled to the United Kingdom.

Here are a few of her recent posts:
“Facts still remain, you slept with him. Stop covering your tracks with lies and lie on your child we were not friends, you never slept on my bed..never cooked food in my house, never cried on my shoulder and never grassed me out. While I protected you”.


God knows no such thing happened, carried ur name? My dear I’m sure Miss won’t even back up this lies, they all know the truth about what you did & got caught & I had nothing to do with it, even if I was the one who introduced u to the guy, girl bye, facts you ruined my relationship”

“Stop normalizing my relationship I was engaged mofo and you ruined it, I was chased out with my daughter, my stores were taken from me, I had no clothes on my back cause of u fking wicked bastaaaard, cause I was covering up for you, I was beaten black and blue, you evil wittttch”


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