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Trouble For Bobrisky Haters As He Sets To Open ‘Bob’ Family Whatsapp Group



Trouble for Bobrisky haters as he sets to open ‘Bob’ family Whatsapp group

As he prepares to create a family Whatsapp group today, controversial crossdresser and influencer Bobrisky hopes to appease his critics.


It was reported that Bobrisky asked one of his fans on Instagram for help in starting an official ‘Bob’ family Whatsapp group where all of his admirers can communicate and offer support to one another in a time of need.

Many people have expressed their wish to join the Bob Family Whatsapp group in his comment area, which has been inundated with requests.


“Let someone volunteer his or herself to open bob family on Whatsapp group where we all gist and support each other.” Bobrisky wrote on Instagram.

The9jafresh previously reported that Bobrisky took to Instagram to reveal his side of the story in which he was accused of defrauding a customer who asked him to promote a hair brand.


The hair brand had previously threatened Bobrisky online, demanding that he return about two million naira’s worth of merchandise.

Responding to this, Bobrisky accused the hair care company of defrauding its clients. Several texts on his phone suggested that she had refused to provide desired things, he said.


Aside from his followers’ complaints, Bobrisky explained that he refused to proceed with the arrangement to avoid further calamities.

“Many of dis vendors we do ads for are local yahoo and its time we also call them out. You will pay us for ads just to scam our followers. Priceless hairs I have a lot of complains about you on my dm people paying for braid wigs and you will not deliver to them. At the end of the day our fans will call us out for advertising for scam.”


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