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“Tuface and I are not friends” – says Pero



Less than two months after Annie Idibia, wife of Nigeria’s singer, Tuface raised an alarm that her husband ran to the United States to meet his baby mama, Pero, the latter has finally spoken to clear the air.

Pero who is based in the US is currently in the country for her cousin’s a wedding.


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According to her in a lengthy interview with Instagram blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus she did not set her eyes on Tuface the period Annie claimed that her husband had travelled to the US to see her.


Few days ago, Tuface’s wife and two of her relatives showed up in Abuja after they learnt that Pero was in the country.

She also said that she is not problem why Tuface’s marriage is in crisis and that she has nothing to do with it.


Read full interview below.

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