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Uganda launches first satellite into space



Space station in Earth orbit.

Uganda on Monday successfully launched its first ever satellite into the international space station following its construction by three Ugandan and Japanese engineers under a multinational satellite design programme.

The country’s cube type satellite, PearlAfricaSat-1, will subsequently be deployed into the low earth orbit in December this year.


According to the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology, the PearlAfricaSat-1 is designed to provide research and observation data that will provide solutions in weather forecast, land, water bodies, mineral mapping and agriculture monitoring. Others are disaster prevention, infrastructure planning and boarder security.

Monica Musenero, the minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, said that the new space services that will be available next year will be an enabler for the country’s economy from which numerous sectors will benefit.


The satellite’s successful design that has been in the offing since April 2020 has been done under the BIRDS-5 project through which the three Ugandan engineers on the team obtained training in satellite design, manufacture and testing.


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