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Video of single women praying for husbands



Their situation don’t require prayers it requires self discipline and the pastor should have given them a good advice, the only way they need prayer is that if men are not asking them out but if they have been in a severe relationship and still single that means it’s their fault because if they were good one out of the men they have dated would have marry them, what they need is to work on themselves not prayers, their problem is very easy to solve, they should be productive because no man wants a liability again, be submissive because no man want to marry a woman that is not submissive, stop being promiscuous because no man want to mamarry a community pusy, know the kind of people you associate with and people you seek advice from and listen to because you can’t expect a responsible man to marry a woman that sees toke makiwa as a role model, try as much as possible to be responsible and learn to be properly dressed as we are addressed by the way we dress, learn to be domesticated even if you are lucky to meet a rich man that can afford nannies,also learn to keep silent when your man is talking especially when he’s angry then you will see how husbands will be rushing you, please dear you don’t need prayers what you need is to work on yourselves, men are not blind they recognize good woman when they meet one,


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