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Walker could have defeated Tyson in 1988 – Irvin



Herschel Walker was one of the final big stars drafted by the legendary Tom Landry to the Dallas Cowboys, where he played from 1986 to 1989. He was also involved in the now-infamous trade that sent him to the Minnesota Vikings and ultimately helped Dallas assemble its 1990s championship team.


Walker was so confident in himself at the time that he declared in 1988 that he could beat heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. His former Cowboys teammate, the legendary Michael Irvin, revealed this.

How I met Walker – Irvin reveals


Irvin discussed meeting Walker after he joined the team in 1988, a year before Jerry Jones became owner of the Cowboys, during the launch of TradeZing, a website for investors that he supports.

“Mike, you know, I really think I could beat Mike Tyson,” Irvin recalled Herschel saying to him.


“When Mike Tyson would hit you in the head, your whole body would just explode,” Irving explained. “‘Dude, why are you talking like that?’ I asked. What exactly is this, a death wish? ‘What are you on about?’ He was, however, dead serious.”

“‘I’m telling you, Mike, I can beat him,’ he said as he looked at me. He believes he can do [anything] and beat everyone at it.’ “Irvin added.


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