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“When Will This Harassment Stop?” Actor Saidi Balogun Reacts To Taiwo Hassan’s Dirty Fight In Ilaro.



“When will this harassment stop?” Actor Saidi Balogun reacts to Taiwo Hassan’s dirty fight in Ilaro.

Saidi Balogun, a Nollywood actor, has urged for protections for actors to be put in place.


Actor Taiwo Hassan, also known as Ogogo, was harassed in Ilaro and a video of it went viral. The veteran reacted to the video.

According to a recent post from The9jafresh, Taiwo Hassan lost his cool when touts approached him in Ilaro and demanded money.


The veteran offered his perspective on the incident, saying that he was visiting his hometown of Ilaro to monitor a construction project when a group of men approached him for the customary self-evaluation.

All of this was done in order to extort money from him, and he eventually gave in.


However, one of the men, who appeared to be targeting the actor, dragged him into a fight after stealing his wallet.

Angry with the tout who was clinging so closely to his agbada, the actor reacted angrily and lost his composure.


It was at that moment when the tout ordered Taiwo to do his worst, and the actor flared up and exchanged blows.

As always, the other touts teamed up with their colleague to take on the actor and his girlfriend.


One of the touts appeared to have damaged the actor’s automobile in a video he posted on Instagram.

The actor explained his side of the story.


“Before bloggers pick this up, let me tell my side of the story and truth. Was in Ilaro my hometown, for an inspection of a project, after which some unknown guys walked up to me for the normal appraisals.

We watch your movie
Give up money
We watched you all through our childhood
All these as an actor we hear every day, I offer all I had on me and one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded an amount I can’t pay. Asked him to leave me, he said “Do your worse” the rest is the story. Please stop harassing actors or entertainers, do you pay anyone for doing your job, No it’s our job too. Accept all we offer when we do. Remember, once a boxer always a boxer”.


Weighing in, Saidi Balogun questioned when such harassment of artists would stop as it is getting ridiculous.

The ex-husband of Faithia Williams vowed to start taking strict actions to protect themselves.


“When will harassment if artists stop? It is really getting ridiculous. We will start taking strict actions to protect ourselves!!

Saidi Balogun reacts

Saidi Balogun reacts,Saidi Balogun reactsSaidi Balogun reactsSaidi Balogun reacts

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