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“Which money do you have?” — A differently-abled Nigerian woman responds to trolls by claiming that her “husband married her for money.”



Dorathy Osaronu, a Nigerian woman from Rivers state who is differently abled, has reacted after becoming the focus of social media abuse.


Dorathy and her husband, Gabriel, had celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by posting love images of themselves on Facebook. On May 23, 2021, the couple married in a magnificent royal wedding.

Thousands of well-wishers flocked to the comments section to wish the pair a happy first wedding anniversary. Trolls on social media, on the other hand, used the chance to tear them apart by making derogatory remarks about their marriage.


Dorathy mentioned in a lengthy Facebook post addressing her detractors that she receives a lot of unpleasant comments on social media. Especially from other women who accuse her husband of marrying her for money.

The Rivers State University alumna refuted the claim, stating that she and her husband, Gabriel, had known one other for half of her life and that they both cherish and love each other.


She went on to tell the trolls that their thoughts about them don’t define their relationship, therefore they should keep them to themselves.

“My husband Gabriel Osaro is someone I’ve known for half my life; we both love and admire each other, and your thoughts on us don’t matter, so keep them to yourself.” And if you look at us with evil eyes, my God, please make that eye blind. We both laugh when people assume He married me for money. Which money, na?


My friends who know me personally are aware of how much I enjoy money. I’ve been slicing my husband’s money since God knows when, and I’ll keep doing it indefinitely. In part, she wrote, “I honestly do not owe anyone an explanation concerning my personal LIFE, Henceforth do me a favor by keeping me and my family out of ur mouth, it is off bounds.”

See her post below,


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