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Why Animations Keep Growing in Popularity – Suga News




If you have scrolled through one of the many popular streaming services in the past year you might have noticed that the number of animated movies, shows, and documentaries has increased. You might see classics like Tom and Jerry on one platform or enjoy episodes of Rick and Morty on another. Streaming services have been investing in new animated entertainment materials, and today we are going to look at why they are doing so.

Demand and Supply on Streaming Platforms

Netflix was among the first streaming services to notice the popularity of animated content. Seeing how popular shows like Rick and Morty among others became, Netflix paid creators well and gave them the freedom to bring their ideas to your screens.


By doing so, Netflix satisfied a demand for this type of content while putting it in front of others at the same time. Many of the people who saw this content got curious and watched an episode. While some knew it wasn’t for them, some stuck with it, further increasing its demand.

This was the justification streaming platforms needed to keep creating this type of content and now there is a lot of it on streaming platforms.


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Nostalgia and Going Back to Our Childhoods

Millennials grew up in an age of animated cartoons and shows. These commodities have become crucial in making money through the power of nostalgia. People want to be taken back to their childhoods, a happier and simpler time for most. Animation studios are happy to keep making content that people will love, and people are happy to keep watching it for nostalgia.


Because there is so much demand for animated content, now would be a good time to get into the industry. Once you get your degree or complete your course, do not forget to build a portfolio. For that, you will need a good computer. You can check out the desktop computers for animation available through companies like Lenovo which have whole computer line-ups for different types of creatives.

It is Unique

If you have access to a computer or TV, you have watched a show or movie featuring human characters. This is, in fact, the most prevalent form of content on different platforms. The thing is, most of us have seen it all before.


Apart from the story, most movies are similar in that they follow human characters who are constrained by the physical nature of our world. While we can enhance these worlds with CGI, we are still limited by believability because CGI and VFX artists want the worlds they create to be realistic and believable.

With animations, you can follow these rules, but you do not have to. You can create whatever you like, which can lead to interesting stories and worlds.


A good example is the Space Jam movies where the characters are in our world, but they do things humans cannot. This uniqueness brings something fresh to the table, which is something a lot of people are looking for and enjoy.

Although not a new medium, animations have come so far and become so popular because of what animators can do with them. They are also a great piece of nostalgic content while standing out enough to break the monotony of traditional TV shows and movies.


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