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Wumi Toriola confirmed her barely three years marriage crashed



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Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has now confirmed that her marriage has crashed after barely three years.

Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a TikTok . of herself having to choose between single and married status. After minutes of dancing around the married option, she eventually settled for the being option.


Recalls that on Christmas day, the actress spent her day with her son and friends without her husband. Sharing a . of how she spent Christmas she said “We didn’t do pyjamas shoot but we ate”

And then in a now-deleted post for the new year, the actress while reflecting revealed that in 2022 she walked away from a domestic violent and abusive relationship for her sanity’s sake.



Many of her fans have since reacted to the announcement by praising her. See reactions below:

– Someone is passing subtle message to her fans and you are still arguing.


– I am glad it came from you,means you are working well on your circle..something that has been over 2years and please dont respond to anyone ,i am your inlaw and i know you really tried so let anyone run their mouth

– God forbid! Oluwa ba wa segun esu. Your family is beautiful and perfect. God will continue to shame those that derive pleasure from bàd news.


– It’s not like been married is a yardstick to happiness. Please the most important thing is that you are happy with or without it. Please enjoy the new year Wumi😍

– Is she trying to tell US something


– Please stop this play ,don’t let them give yeye news about you . bcs Nigeria bloggers like to promote negative which is not your portion

– marriage is not the certificate to heaven . Live your life and stay happy , happiness is no 1 priority. Remember you’re loved @wumitoriola , our own queenlateefat. Stay happy, enjoy the new year ,remember GOD loves you and HE has a good and best plans for you darling


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