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Yul Edochie: I’m not a ritualist



Popular Nigerian movie star and filmmaker, Yul Edochie, says he is not a ritualist but a very good actor.

Edochie, son of veteran actor Pete Edochie, was making this statement due to the fact that he has gained popularity by playing movie roles as a ritualist.


In an Instagram post, the actor disclosed that he is a very good actor and not a ritualist but people often send him messages asking him how they can do money rituals.

He said, “Some people are sending me messages begging me to show them where they can do money rituals. Come on now guys, come on. Na film I dey act.


“Just like American action films where one man will defeat a whole city of bad guys. Na storyline be that, e no dey happen. Is it now a crime to be a good actor? Make I no chop??? Na wa for una oo.”

To buttress his point, the actor shared a screenshot of a message from one of his fans.


In the direct message sent to him, the fan wrote, “Afa bro, where e dey happen. Give me location I’m ready for sacrifice abeg. I message KOK, he never answer me. I will keep everything secrets. I promise. Just take me to baba make I run my own sharp.”

Taking to the caption section, the actor disclosed that he gets such messages daily.


He wrote, “This is just one of the many messages I receive daily. Some are even more serious than this. “Some say I no wan cut soap for boys. Which soap abeg??? Naija oo. Wahala everywhere.

“I love this country.”

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